25: instant gratification, immigrants and assimilation, being cheap: I mean financially selective and the Generational battle between stem and the arts

part two of three of the conversation with author, Sara Bawany

Sara Bawany and Skiveo

episode notes and references (some):

generations beyond us advantage of having a long objective and thinking in larger versus smaller units (credit to Sean McCabe for latter)


why our immigrant parents were able to withstand the abuse, harassment, and assimilation

women and woc being expected to work for free and happily/eagerly at that

frugality, i.e. being “selective” with your money

the Prophet (PBUH) had a pulpit for himself and the poet in the same mosque

how does a therapist deal with the psychological/psychoemotional fragility that can come with social media

give that kid more credit: “People will find easy that which they were made for.” The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)