23: Sara Bawany: becoming your own marketer, how to write your first book, brown doesn‘t mean premed, and a class about models

23: Sara Bawany: (w)holehearted, publishing a book at 25, the marketing-social media game, the battle between STEM and the arts for (brown, black, really any color) immigrant kids and taking a class at Princeton about fashion models


what does it take to publish a book—25 yo author with a book on Amazon

the advantages of self-publishing over traditional publishing

the marketing-social media game: ghost followers, quality versus quantity, follower count, does it ever stop once you reach your number, vanity metrics, generations from now beyond your existence you could impact someone more intensely than during your life—great artists becoming famous posthumously

the writing process—how different writers come to the page

brown kids or immigrants generally—the battle between STEM and the arts—where did this originate (want to say where did this STEM from but the use of pun would undermine the seriousness of the discussion we had regarding this?

it’s okay to be mediocre at something or even some things (plural)