12: A conversation with Jenna Chia about her going to America's top what? school, why Finland is an education leader, the taboo topic that is college debt, and so much more

The Skiveo Podcast


We discuss why Jenna Chia attended UW Madison, America's top party school (as of 2017), the differences between education in Northern Europe and the US, why Finland is an education leader, cultural differences in workplace work ethics, the neurobiology of decision-making in humans on the verge of deciding whether or where to go to college (high school seniors), the personal reason behind my choice of Princeton, what some colleges neglect discussing on tours and visits, why college tuition in the U.S. is so high despite billions of dollars of state funding, the percentage of students that actually work in a job relevant to their college major, the taboo topic that is college debt, and so much more.

Approximate time stamps:

2:55 Jenna Chia, now in Norway, discusses how long it took her to graduate, what she double-majored in, the size of her school, UW-Madison in Wisconsin, and how it made her feel compared to high school. I talk about the size of Princeton and how I think it makes some or all Princetonians feel.

6:45 Expectations: we both took the traditional four-year college paths (even though it took me five years to graduate and Jenna, 3.5). We talk about who we were in high school and our college application process.

14:15 The academic atmosphere in Northern Europe.

19:30 Cultural differences in the perception of productivity.

23:00 Why each of us chose the colleges we attended.

28:00 Our dream schools, i.e. the colleges we didn't attend.

30:00 The neurobiology of decision-making and why it seems counterproductive to correctly deciding about college when you're a young adult.

37:00 We start a discussion about...debt.

45:00 Why exactly is college tuition so steep? What the research indicates.

48:00 Alternatives to starting college immediately after graduating high school.

51:00 What do you gain from college tours and visits?

54:00 Why did Jenna cancel every class except Calculus?

1:06 A second collaboration?

Some of what was mentioned:

Antonio Damasio's patient

Student transfer rate

Underdeveloped brain

State higher ed funding

2018 information on state higher ed funding

College graduation rate

James M. Lang on his daughter's college journey

Katherout on what some college YouTubers don't talk about

Sean Wes on his "no debt" policy

Percentage of college graduates with a major-relevant career

Michael Moore-documentary about the education in Finland

Apparent truth about the happiness-productivity relationship

Party school rankings

Princeton's financial aid

Dramatic drop in elite higher ed representation of latinos and blacks

Tim Ferriss' "The 4-Hour Work Week"