no mentor, yes tutor

If you're like me, you don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a test prep course because you belong to the school of thought that says "why would I pay for what I can learn from a book" or "Google is the best teacher (because experience now goes by Google)" or "No thank you, I can discipline myself; 'tis a fool who pays for 'structure.'"

If your head went up and down in response, you're broke (I can relate), delusional (I can relate?), or, simply, an autodidact. You prefer to self-study. You also inevitably run into the wall of "what on Earth does this mean?"

tutor me

With Skiveo, one of our mentors (perfect and high scorers on the GRE, SAT, ACT, and academic subjects) could walk you through those walls you keep coming up against so that you can stop staring into the void that seems to be your pre-professional and professional future.



Instead of chancing your (or your parents') hard-earned income on steeply priced, prepaid tutoring, with Skiveo, you could talk to a perfect- or high-scoring (above the 90th percentile) tutor for a mere 10 minutes. That way, you'd only enlist a tutor's help when you need to, i.e. where your patience for YouTube ends and where your need to (more) efficiently use your remaining study time begins.

small bites

Sometimes the recorded resources on the Internet only provide one way of approaching or understanding a problem. Sometimes YOU WANT TO INTERACT with a person IN REAL TIME because you've hit your score plateau and not every YT video's intended audience is the person seeking an above-average score.


So, now for the real conversation. Surely, an awesome, quick, and low-commitment source of REAL TIME PERFECT- OR NEAR PERFECT (>90th percentile)-SCORER KNOWLEDGE must be super pricey. It’s not. So, your wallet can come out from hiding now...