What did tia, a 12th-grader from NJ think of skiveo essay?

What did you discuss (with Amina, your mentor)?
We first discussed the issues with my previous college essays. Once I was aware of what I needed to improve on, we went on to different topic ideas and narrowed it down. Finally, we talked about the format and elements I could feature in my essay.
— Tia H.
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Hiding from your essay (probably) won't help.

Can't think of how to answer that prompt? Need an objective set of eyes to critique your first draft? Already finished your essays three months ago but want students currently attending the universities on your list to give you their opinion?


Here at Skiveo, the college and university essays of our mentors, students who have or are attending Princeton University, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, etc. reflect what distinguishes them from others and in turn an understanding of the goal of an admissions essay.

After a student from the university or college to which you're applying edits your essay, the founder of Skiveo would review their edits. The CEO and founder of Skiveo earned an 800/800, a perfect score on the Critical Reading section of the SAT and the SAT Essay (12/12), has been taught by award-winning journalists and non-fiction writers, including Deborah Amos, Alma Guillermoprieto, Cornel West, and Kwame Appiah, at Princeton University, and wrote for four online and print publications there.

....When your essay makes your safety school a reach.

....When your essay makes your safety school a reach.

...When   SKIVEO Essay   makes your reach a safety*.

...When SKIVEO Essay makes your reach a safety*.

*To you, at least.


How long would it take for you to review my essay?

You would discuss your essay through a 25-minute, screen-sharing video call with a student who is currently attending the school (or who was accepted to the school) whose essay you're drafting.

What would we review for 25 MINUTES?!

That may seem excessive, but our review is extensive.

If you have not begun writing:

  • Topic (your mentor would review your inputs to your application thus far to help you pinpoint an original subject to write about)

  • Lists (alternatively, you could create a list of topics first, then your mentor would help you choose the most promising one(s))

  • Free-write (yes, during your session you could open Word, pour your thoughts onto the page, and immediately discuss your new or first draft with your mentor)

  • Brainstorm

If you already have a draft:

After your mentor reads it (while they read it, you would be given a short task whose goal would be to resolve the issue that most concerns you), you could discuss the:

  • Main idea/subject

  • Purpose (paragraph-level and sentence-level, if necessary)

  • Introduction

  • Sentence-level organization

  • Paragraph-level organization

  • Transitions

  • Emphasis

  • Clarity and precision

  • Descriptive force

  • Diction

  • Tone

  • Conclusion

After your initial session, you could schedule a follow-up session with the same or a different student.

GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE OF AN ESSAY EDITED BY A...PRINCETON ALUMNA who was also a MOLECULAR BIOLOGY MAJOR? The following is a sample of comments on a 300-word essay:

Get your college application essay reviewed now.

The maximum word count of your essay determines the amount that you will be billed. If the actual word count of your essay differs from your selection, a notification will be sent to you subsequent to your submission. We would never share any version of your essay without your prior, written consent.

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