How are we different?

Mentorships. Networking. Through live video. You may have thought, "k, cool." Or you may have thought, "what's new and exciting about that?"

Anyway, we completely GET IT if you became a little hesitant after reading the word, "live." After all, Skiveo's founder is an introvert in the truest sense of the word. While the videos would be live, we'd have matched you with a student mentor who shares the same academic, extracurricular, professional, and personal goals as you. So, it'd almost be like you were talking to yourself...

Whether you matriculate at their university or not, your mentor would remain a node in a network of high-achieving students that you could use as connections or whose connections you could use. Networking with Skiveo Mentors is by invite only.

Yes, you can make connections after actually getting into your prospective college/university. But after graduating you may come to the blinding, cold realization that a lot of those connections weren't really connections at all.

Post-grad unemployment

You can, however, call someone a "connection" after they've guided you through your application PANIC and through their lives on campuses that, face it, some students do not have the TIME or MONEY to visit, appreciate, or investigate.

Skivers realize that the difference between knowing and not is the difference between regret and REDIRECTION.

So, how are we different? while skiveo has bigger plans than live video, our current answer to that question is explained below.



Read what we wrote at the beginning of this page. But for those who won't/don't feel like it, here's a verbatim recap: your mentor would remain a node...

Friends in college


There is a $12 entry fee. If you want to make $ $ with Skiveo, join our AMBASSADOR PROGRAM where we'd pay you to recruit other students! You could make back the money you'd pay to join REAL swift.