Calling all freelancers, mentors and ambassadors.

Let’s be straight. Skiveo is currently pre-launch. On a limited availability basis, students can communicate with our esteemed mentors for essay review and tutoring services; however, even those services are technically in pre-production.

Skiveo Radio, on the other hand, is currently in production and would benefit from editors and producers.

To potentially occupy this position, for which you would receive a flat rate per episode, which has a minimum commitment of two episodes, and which may involve additional tasks depending on your qualifications, complete this form.

If you’re interested in another position, still complete this form. Depending on the skills you have, further capital acquisition, and other variables, pay may increase or equity may be provided.

For every student you refer who uses Skiveo, you'll receive 10% of each purchase they make for a year (yes, 365 days). This offer is valid for up to 10 students per ambassador. For every student that transacts with Skiveo, Skiveo hopes to offer a free 50-minute tutoring session to a low-income student. Your referral of users could additionally transmute to an equity agreement between you and Skiveo!

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