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The first Skiveo Radio Giveaway

Complete the form below and be entered to win a time capsule episode on the Skiveo Radio platforms, iTunes and Google Play.

What’s a time capsule episode, you ask.

The winner would record their thoughts, stream-of-consciousness, scripted, underwater (although, Skiveo’s not liable for any hardware damage), about a moment of or phase in their life they wish they could never forget or at least return to years beyond now in the future when their hair is that gorgeous salt and pepper grey and they’re maybe confusing salt with sugar when preparing their morning coffee or late morning pasta.

I hope you win! (The only caveat is that the host of Skiveo Radio reserves the right to refuse to honor the winner if their recording could be deemed racist, sexist, or otherwise explicit and/or objectionable.)

The winner would also get a fly graphic to promote their time capsule episode.

Skiveo Radio

Now that you’re confused, complete this form.

If you don't want your full name attached to your potential time capsule show, add only your first name.

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