MENTOR me (10 minutes)


MENTOR me (10 minutes)


You must purchase a minimum of two sessions.

You can ask your mentor about their current or past university (courses, professors, extracurriculars, dining options, living options, resources, internship/job opportunities, etc.), their regrets, and their successes. With additional sessions, you could also see

  • Research labs/course lab sections

  • Student group meetings

  • On-campus events

  • Study areas

  • Presentations

  • Conferences

  • Dining halls

  • Dorms

  • Apartments

In addition, upon invite, your mentor would become your contact in a network of students that would share news of academic and professional opportunities that they feel could benefit one another. To learn more about what differentiates Skiveo from other platforms and services, visit

Note: If your schedule will be such that you cannot participate in a live video call, we would send you a private recording. You could message your student questions about the recording and they would answer them in a subsequent video session.

*via Google Hangout

You will be notified in the event of Skiveo’s release.

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Only in the event that we fail to acquire a student, from one of your preferred colleges or universities, with which you can connect before the submission of your college/university applications or before your matriculation at a college/university, will we refund your payment. Please complete the associated form to list the institutions from which you would prefer a mentor.